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Love your smile again with a new set of teeth.

Do You Have Missing Teeth or Worn Dentures?

Modern dentures complete your smile with full, partial, or implant-supported options.

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Do you hide your smile and have difficulty eating and speaking because of missing teeth? Maybe it’s time to get new dentures because your current set is uncomfortable to wear, constantly slipping and sliding.

Missing teeth happen for many reasons, including tooth decay, gum disease, and injury. Whatever the cause, tooth loss leads to adverse effects on your mouth, including shifting teeth, jaw pain, bone deterioration, and premature aging.

There’s no need to feel embarrassed about your current smile because we offer custom dentures made for your unique needs and budget. Our options include full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures.

We work with you to replace:

  • One missing tooth
  • Several missing teeth
  • A full set of missing teeth

Restoring your smile may be easier than you ever imagined. Set up a consultation with us to see which option is right for you.

Why Our Patients Choose Modern Dentures


We personalize each treatment plan with multiple options to fit your needs, including full, partial, and fixed dentures.


Our dentures match your facial appearance for the ideal tooth shape, size, and color. They look and feel natural.


The custom-made and well-fit tooth restoration allows you to eat, chew, speak, and smile with full confidence once again.


Multiple denture systems give you access to different options that fit your lifestyle and budget for a complete smile.


Feel younger and look better while preventing jawbone deterioration, discomfort, and a sunken facial appearance.


Implant-supported dentures are permanently fixed to your jawbone and stay securely in place.

‘‘I went to see Dr. Farmer because my teeth were really bad, and I was embarrassed. Dr. Farmer and his staff were kind, caring, gentle, and understanding. They just make you feel comfortable the minute you walk in the door. I have a whole new smile and got my confidence back. I would highly recommend them to anyone.’’

Sue S., 5-Star Google Review

Why Choose Farmer & Williamson for Your Dentures?

Discover more options for teeth replacement with a team who cares!
Our Wichita dentist talking to a patient

Dentures are a big investment, and with a life-changing decision like this, you need a partner who has your best interests in mind. In a comfortable, judgment-free setting, our Wichita restorative dentists get to know you and recommend the best type of restoration for your needs.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we offer an abundance of services under one roof for the whole family.

Our denture systems include:

  • Partial dentures that help fill gaps from missing teeth
  • Full dentures to complete the entire upper and lower jaw
  • Implant-supported dentures to permanently hold your new teeth in place

View some of our before-and-after cosmetic transformations to find out what we can do for you.


Give us a call and let’s find your best denture so you start living your best life!

FAQs About Dentures
  • How are dentures held in place?

    Dentures work by replacing missing teeth using a custom-fit device with artificial teeth. Based on your needs, a full or partial removable denture sits securely over your gums, creating a seal to stay in place.

    Another option is an implant-supported denture that uses several small titanium metal posts to replace the missing tooth roots and support your denture. This option is the most advanced type of restoration because it’s permanently fixed to your jawbone.

  • What is the average cost of a set of dentures?

    The average cost of dentures varies based on each patient’s needs and the type of denture chosen. Our dental team works with you to find a denture that works for your needs.

    Please visit our New Patient page to learn about payment options that make getting dentures more affordable than ever. If you don’t have insurance, we also offer an in-house discount membership.

    To find out how much your custom dentures may cost, schedule a consultation with Dr. Eric Farmer today.

  • Do dentures feel normal?

    Getting a dental restoration is a comfortable procedure, even if you need an extraction before treatment. Our dentists let you know exactly what to expect and help you feel at ease.

    After the procedure, getting used to your new set of teeth may take some time, but the custom-fit appliance sits comfortably in your mouth. Eat, chew, and speak normally with a natural-like restoration.

  • Are you accepting new patients?

    Yes, we accept new patients, and after an initial consultation, we will determine if you’re a candidate for dentures or dental implants.

    Please schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and find out how to create your improved smile.

    Dr. Eric S. Farmer is located in Wichita, KS, and proudly serves surrounding communities, including Maize and Valley Center, KS. We work with patients of all ages, including teens, adults, and seniors.

Life’s Too Short to Not Love Your Smile!

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