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Dr. Farmer Shares His Expertise as a Wichita Dentist With Clinical Mastery Series

In November 2015, Dr. Eric Farmer joined the dental continuing education program Clinical Mastery Series as a member of the Clinical Faculty.  This Wichita dentist brings his 25 years of experience in practicing general and esthetic dentistry and his enthusiasm for complex cases that involve collaborative relationships with specialists to the distinguished team.

Dr. Farmer recently answered some questions about why he chose to lend his considerable talents as a Wichita dentist to the Clinical Mastery Series and what his involvement as a Clinical Faulty member includes.

I have never been around a group so motivated towards excellence in care and education and yet at the very foundation they are involved because they truly love to see you be successful.” – Dr. Farmer


Wichita Dentist Clinical Mastery Series
Clinical Mastery Instructors in Action! Left to Right: Lee Ann Brady, Joshua Stelzer, Erik Mendelsohn, Eric Farmer, John Nosti, and Mike Smith.


What is The Clinical Mastery Series?
Dr. Farmer: The Clinical Mastery Series provides advanced dental continuing education for dentists that want to learn advanced diagnostic and treatment skills for comprehensive and cosmetic dental care. [Clinical Mastery Series has been identified by the American Dental Association as a quality provider of continuing education.]

What is your role?
Dr. Farmer:
My position is a member of the Clinical Faculty. The Clinical Faculty provides mentorship and support for the hands-on aspects of the courses.


Clinical Mastery Dental Faculty Photography
Hands-on Learning at Clinical Mastery.


Who is your audience for the courses?
Dr. Farmer:
The participants vary from new dental school graduates to more experienced dentists who desire to learn advanced techniques in an encouraging environment.

What is the best thing about being a part of The Clinical Mastery Series Faculty as a Wichita dentist?
Dr. Farmer:
The most fulfilling part for me is making new relationships with dentists that are motivated to provide their patients the very best in treatment options. Also important to me are the on-going relationships and deep friendships I have with these dentists even after the courses are over.


Clinical Mastery Dental Instructors
On location at a Clinical Mastery course: Dr. Eric Farmer, center, and Dr. John Nosti, far right.


Eric Farmer who is a Wichita Dentist part of the Clinical Mastery Series
Dr. Farmer is also a past president of the Wichita District Dental Society and currently on the Board of Directors of the Kansas Dental Association. Since 2008, he has accumulated about 800 hours of continuing education. Now, he in turn, is sharing his expertise with others.


Congratulations to our Wichita cosmetic dentist on his appointment as Clinical Faculty member to The Clinical Mastery Series. We know many other dentists will benefit from your experience and expertise!


Is continual improvement and education important to you as well? Leave us a comment or check out other reasons to choose Dr. Eric Farmer as your Wichita Dentist HERE!


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